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Get Out

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Spent most of our time camping out in the Medano Primitive Road area, climbing the dunes, and enjoying the solitude. We were there in April, so we didn’t expect the pass to be open, but we wanted to see how far up we could get.

We drove into the backcountry behind the dunes headed up towards Medano Pass. The beavers damed up Medano and flooded the trail beyond the 3rd or 4th crossing, so we made due with the lower country to camp in.

Still great camping. We were the only ones out there except for deer and other wildlife. It was pretty lonely out there and we camped almost an hour’s Jeep ride from a cell phone signal. The quietness was amazing.

For a good activity, we Jeeped out and hiked Zapata Falls to see if the falls were frozen over. The falls looked like a huge ice sickle hanging from the top to the bottom. Couldn’t get a decent picture of it due to the fact it falls into a dark semi-cave area.
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